Kiawah Pool Maintenance

It seems that there are a lot of new pool companies trying to break into the market around the Charleston area. Obviously, everyone thinks that all they need to do is have a truck and a lower price than the established companies!

Well here is some food for thought…. Many of these “companies” are simply one person. What if heaven forbid he/she gets sick? It’s a fact that it will be the day your grandsons birthday party is scheduled.
Worse… what if they get hurt on Your Property? Do they have liability insurance? Do they have Workmen’s Comp?

Some of the more established companies aren’t the evil empires they can be made out to be. Quite the opposite. Many of us are dialed in to what you our customers demand in service providers. We understand what it takes to stay in business AND give you the High Level of Service that you’ve come to expect from us. Price Wars are for fools. They only lead to diminished returns for the customers. If a Pool Cleaner is trying to service too many accounts to make his profit margin, how can he give YOU any attention?

It’s food for thought the next time someone says they can do it for less.

At Atlantic Coast Pools we have always offered the fairest price to value ratio in the Charleston area. We want to be your service company as long as you own your pool.

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