Spring is right around the corner now. It keeps peeking out it’s head and ducking back behind a wall of cold. : )
Here in the South, this is the best, and also the most trying time for a pool tech.
We will be dropping by at random times to empty a basket. We ask that if you’re home, you empty it too! Because the Live Oak tree doesn’t care. These trees almost completely shed their leaves and regrow them twice a year.
That makes for a lot of leaves in the pool. And… Every few years, the seed pods from these trees drop a carpet of seed pods. Literally.
Consequently, we ask our clients that are in town to clean baskets daily, as we try and get to everyone that’s out of town.
When left as normal, we see pumps burn out, pipes melt, and other scary events. All from leaves!
But once they’ve finished…. You know Spring will be here any minute!



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