Power Consumption Myths and Winterizing

Recently, there have been some slightly exaggerated claims about pools drawing lots of electricity. While this is true to many people, there are things you can do to minimize the strain.
While many of the bigger, more complex pools will always have a lot of consumption due to the nature of the pool, many can be tuned to draw much less power. Here at ACPS we make a point of making seasonal adjustments to the programmed settings to do just that.
Also, the new variable speed motors available now are helpful in running the motor at lower RPM’s during off peak usage periods. Thus saving more power. One obstacle to watch for though is the myth that running a low speed for short run times is as good as high speed for the same duration.. This is not true! A pools water must be “turned over” which means that the water has to ALL pass through the filter at least once per day. If not, then the organic materials, dust, and waste that blow around every day can build up in the water. Since our locale has many warm days throughout the winter season, these organics can blossom into algae very quickly!
This is why we don’t shut down pools in the winter. That, and the fact that a stagnant or covered pool is just not fun to look at!
So yes, like any addition to a home, a pool will add to your power bill. But the offset of fun times, relaxation, and beauty is more than worth it !! 🙂

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